Why you need a Data Driven Content Strategy

Why you need a Data Driven Content Strategy

In a world where data is undoubtedly crowned king, it is surprising to realize that just 43% of B2C content marketers successfully utilize data to measure the success of their products. The professionals in charge of ads and marketing are more renowned for their creative ability as opposed to utilizing the power of data. In essence, what is a data-driven content strategy and how can it be leveraged?

What is Data-Driven Content Marketing?

This is simply the utilization of statistics, public data, and information gleaned from assiduous market research & survey to engender effective content creation strategy. With a plethora of data sources available, content marketers are sure of getting insights into current trends and market opportunities.

This knowledge, if properly exploited, can prove very useful in understanding the consumption habits, preference, and expectations of the readers. Considering the benefits of this process, it is important to develop an effective strategy to this end. A data-driven, content marketing strategy which cuts across board.

How to Develop an Effective Data-Driven Content Strategy

Get Familiar with Data

One of the most versatile tools for collecting and analyzing data is Google Analytics. This should be your best friend from now on. You should assess prior content on your website and monitor how well they have done. In order to have a clearer view, you might consider sending out surveys to your subscriber, trying to see how they relate to your content.

What else can you do with data? A lot! There’s competitor analysis to carry out. You can browse through other websites which offer the same service, identify their pattern of reaching out, and see the types of content they put out. You also require tools which can help you execute detailed keyword research. Both short-tail and long-tail keywords are equally accessible using certain tools (Google Keyword Planner, Moz, SEMrush, etc.)

Create a Concrete Framework for Your Content Strategy

After gathering the required data needed, the next step is to map out a content plan which evinces your brand’s vision and targets the intended audience. A content calendar is an effective tool for achieving this; you can plan weekly or monthly schedules, including themes or topics which are pertinent to the discussion.

This will provide you with a solid foundation which you can fall back on for subsequent distribution. More so, the organization it offers will help you stay focused. Apart from the content creation process, it is also important to put up a plan to amplify the audience. Social media campaigns, promotions, etc. are important in really achieving this data-driven lifestyle.

Identify Effective Content Formats and Adhere to It

There are various formats peculiar to different forms of media. According to research and previous study, which format have you found effective? Did infographics prove more engaging? Is a white paper actually being read? You should critically consider all these before coming up with the format to employ, and when you do? Stick to it.

Content Distribution and Amplification

There’s no use going through this stress if you do not plan to expand your coast. The critical consideration, however, is not just where your content is being promoted, the time of promotion is equally crucial.

Here’s a free tip, Facebook posts perform 39% better in the morning than in the evening. Now, you can work your way around this information using sophisticated tools like Hootsuite, SproutSocial, and yes, Google Analytics.

Analyze Progress, Execute Tests

Don’t be discouraged when your hard work seems not to pay off, in fact, be glad. Now you know the content strategy which will fail to make an impact and you can move on to try other ideas. Evaluation is, perhaps, the most important aspect of this data-driven approach to content strategy. You can set reasonable targets and track your progress when you consistently evaluate your strategy.

We at Biztruss never fail to emphasize or even overemphasized, as that as content marketers, you need to transcend creativity and head out to the realm of data. The market is awash with potential which is waiting to be tapped, a myriad of audience, waiting for the appropriate content, and metrics eager to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

So suffice to say, don’t stay content with your content. Invest in a strategy and that could really be the prime mover for your lead generation efforts.

That’s about it for now. Our supercharged blog machine doesn’t take a break, so sure enough we’ll be rolling out another soon. Till then, let your content speak for you!


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