Why Your Startup Needs a Progressive Web App (PWA)

Why Your Startup Needs a Progressive Web App (PWA)

Why Your Startup Needs a Progressive Web App (PWA)

In life, change is the only constant thing. You might like to add taxes and death, but for the sake of this blog, let’s just stick with change. Change, however, might be better or worse and as a startup, the former is the only kind of change you can afford. Thankfully, the advent of Progressive Web Apps made it incredibly easy to keep enjoying a positive change.

What is Progressive Web Apps?

Imagine the future where the benefits of native app development are leveraged and the inherent disadvantages are eliminated, engendering really functional and accessible apps. You might wonder, “But there are no real problems with native apps.” Well, statistics prove otherwise. A survey recently carried out shows that more people are shifting from Android and iOS apps because of the bad experience they have had.

In fact, looking at some of the apps on your phone, you will observe that you have some rarely-visited apps. You must’ve downloaded these apps with high hopes but then, some unforeseen circumstances prevented you from enjoying it to the fullest.  Like many other people, you consider two major factors before deciding to download an app.

  1. Do you have sufficient space on your device?
  2. Is your data enough/adequate to support such download?

Considering these factors, you will see that native apps are not necessarily bad, progressive apps are just better.

Why Choose Progressive Apps for Your Startup?

Basically, a progressive web app integrates the superior qualities of a native mobile application and a mobile website. You can call it the balanced diet of apps. Here are some reasons to consider it.

Progressive Web Apps are Progressive and More Responsive

When you check Google Play store, one common complaint you’ll observe is that some apps are not compatible with certain phones. It might be due to space or device configuration, the fact remains that some people will not get to enjoy the service you offer just because it is embedded in an inaccessible app.

Progressive web apps, on the other hand, works for every user, irrespective of the choice of browser or the internet service provider. It is also adjustable and works well on desktop, mobile phones, and tablets.

Progressive Enhancement Ensures Readability

One thing that might cause your startup to suffer loss regardless of the aesthetics of your web design is a web content which is not readable. With progressive enhancement, the core content is emphasized and everyone can access the basic content of your webpage. The load time is further decreased and webpages are made available almost instantly.

Progressive Web Apps are Cost Effective

As a startup, it is no news that you’re on a lean budget. During the inception, one of the greatest challenges is managing the available resources, and a PWA will help you save cost without compromising on the quality offered. Not only is it cheaper to develop, you do not spend as much on maintenance. Also, conventional apps require optimization on the Android, iOS, and Windows platform. All these costs are eliminated with PWAs.

Who Even Uses PWAs?

This is a question you might have in your mind. AliExpress, the popular e-commerce platform, managed by the renowned Alibaba Group, migrated from a conventional mobile site to a progressive web app. Flipkart is a similar website which recently made the change. Apart from e-commerce websites, Twitter, Forbes, and Pinterest are some other prominent examples.

The doomsday prophesiers who had written premature eulogies for web as a preferred technology in the wake of advancements for mobile may be chewing their hats because web for sure is here to stay. It has just as much or even better a place in the strategic brand vision of organizations due to the inherence advantages it carries. Progressive web apps are the next logical step.

We at Biztruss are agnostic advocates, passionate adopters of technology as we are. While we had seen the functional role for mobile apps in enabling instant gratification to a consumer base, we have been strong advocates for the power of web and have taken to progressive web apps as a necessary addition to our clients’ armory, keeping their brand objectives in view.

We have spoken enough! There is no better belief to have than in the power of NOW! Reworking your digital priorities would involve stepping into the shoes of your consumer and constantly delivering them better experiences, which in turn is a telling advertisement for your brand. A Progressive apps could be that logical next step you take.

Feel free to shout out to us if you’d like to know more, and if you have it all figured out, we’d always love to have a conversation on the subject and exchange a few ideas.

So long then, till we roll out the next one!

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